Communicating with a Co-Parent in the 21st Century

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Where would we be without technology? Without technology, we would not have access to e-mail 24/7; we would not have food delivery at our finger-tips; we would have to actually watch TV commercials; and we would not be able to know everything about a friend who we have not seen in decades! Every day we use technologies to make our life better … Read More

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What It Means to… All Parents

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step-parents and parents need to learn respect

In August of 2017, I reviewed Step Mom magazine, a source of advice and strategies for how to be a good step-mother. The article discussed the obstacles faced by step-parents and offered words of encouragement for overcoming those hurdles. But, it is not just step-parents that have difficulties in a post-divorce family.   Recently, I read the summary of an … Read More

How to Win a Custody Battle

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Divorce is never fun; add a contested custody issue, and you may find your stress and anxiety levels soaring. How can you calm your nerves and ensure the custody arrangement that you want? The attorneys at Richardson Bloom & Lines suggest the following 10 tips: 1. Be a cooperative co-parent. You must be able and willing to communicate with your … Read More

Custody Labels – Do They Matter?

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Parents become very focused on labels when dealing with child custody matters.  Family law practitioners often hear the following from their clients: “I need to be designated as primary parent!” or “I will not agree to joint custody”.  Of course, clients do not know that Georgia law does not reference the term “primary physical custody”.  Neither parent needs to be … Read More

Divorce Drama vs. Divorce Reality

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While TV shows and movies do a great job at encouraging families that divorce is not as taboo as we used to believe, the media does not do a great job at illustrating what a true divorce looks like.  There are many creative liberties taken!  Here are some examples: In the opening scene of the Wedding Crashers movie, we see … Read More

How To Avoid Becoming the Evil Step Parent

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Being a step-parent is not always easy. You are helping your spouse rear his or her children, sometimes as an equal partner in that role, but you are often not given the love and respect that he or she, as the biological parent, is given. Understandably, the children are loyal to their biological parents, not to you. You are the … Read More

The Top Five Concerns About Your Home During a Divorce

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For many of our clients, the most valuable marital asset is the marital residence. When dividing all of the parties’ assets and debts, how do we deal with the marital residence?  Obviously, we cannot physically divide the house in half. Here are the top five concerns that clients have when it comes to their homes. 1. Do we have to … Read More

Thinking about Divorce? Here are 10 things NOT to do!

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1. Do not focus on the “right time” to get divorced. There is no perfect time to make that decision, and there are many factors to consider.  Prior to making any decision, you should consult an experienced family law attorney so that you will be prepared to move forward when you are ready. 2. Do not try to go through … Read More

Six Questions Most People Ask About Co-Parenting After Divorce

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The divorce is final.  You are no longer husband and wife.  Is your relationship finished?  If you have children, absolutely not!  You and your former spouse will be connected for the rest of your lives.  Your relationship will continue indefinitely.  One of the most difficult tasks that divorced couples are expected to do is co-parent.  You are hurt, angry, and … Read More