Types of Child Custody in Georgia

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Child custody is an emotionally charged issue. Most parents want to be a large part of their child’s life post-divorce, and feel that retaining custody of the child is an integral piece. Many parents assume that there is only one type of child custody, but, in Georgia, there are two distinct types of custody: legal and physical custody. Both types … Read More

Custody Labels – Do They Matter?

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Parents become very focused on labels when dealing with child custody matters.  Family law practitioners often hear the following from their clients: “I need to be designated as primary parent!” or “I will not agree to joint custody”.  Of course, clients do not know that Georgia law does not reference the term “primary physical custody”.  Neither parent needs to be … Read More

Foul Play? What this HBO Series ‘Divorce’ Depicts

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I frequently receive articles in my news feed with headlines such as “Divorce System Prompts Bitter Couples to Use Kids as Weapons.” The first paragraph of that particular article noted that “the epic hatred” between the author’s friend and the friend’s former husband played out in an acrimonious custody battle that “scarred the boys’ psyches in ways both awful and … Read More


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Christopher John Doleman, who was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2012, was one of the best and most tenacious right defensive end players in the history of the NFL. Several years after he retired from the NFL, his tenacity on the gridiron manifested itself in line-of-duty orthopedic injuries. As a result, the Bert Bell/Pete Rozelle NFL … Read More

Divorce Drama vs. Divorce Reality

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While TV shows and movies do a great job at encouraging families that divorce is not as taboo as we used to believe, the media does not do a great job at illustrating what a true divorce looks like.  There are many creative liberties taken!  Here are some examples: In the opening scene of the Wedding Crashers movie, we see … Read More

Self-Executing Changes in a Settlement Agreement: Eight Things Everyone Should Know

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Twelve years after the Supreme Court of Georgia first held that self-executing change of custody provisions were not permissible, many questions still exist as to what is and is not permissible when it comes to changes in parenting plans that do not require court intervention. When are they permitted and when are they invalid? When can the parents agree to … Read More

Top 10 Things to Remember When Going Through a Divorce

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“A good divorce is when the mommy and daddy are nice to each other and try to be friends, like you and daddy, and a bad divorce is when the mommy and daddy fight and scream at each other.” Sarah Armstrong’s book, The Mom’s Guide to a Good Divorce, opens with that poignant statement made by her daughter. Ms. Armstrong, … Read More

How To Avoid Becoming the Evil Step Parent

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Being a step-parent is not always easy. You are helping your spouse rear his or her children, sometimes as an equal partner in that role, but you are often not given the love and respect that he or she, as the biological parent, is given. Understandably, the children are loyal to their biological parents, not to you. You are the … Read More

Sleepless in Divorce: The chapters that were never made into a movie – Chapter 6

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It took the court six months after the 120-Day Status Conference for the Court to find three consecutive days to set aside for the trial. The day of trial arrived, and we were ready to proceed. When we arrived in the courtroom, we asked the judge for a pre-trial conference in one final effort to try to settle the case. … Read More

Sleepless in Divorce: The chapters that were never made into a movie – Chapter 5

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Sam had provided all of the discovery responses, and the depositions had been completed. From Sam’s testimony at his deposition, I learned what Sam perceived Annie’s flaws to be and how he thought she had contributed to the end of their marriage. Sam decided not to exercise his privilege against self-incrimination, and testified about his numerous affairs. Annie was extremely … Read More