Children in Family Law Cases

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Divorce and custody disputes can be hard on children.  The following articles discuss a wide range of issues concerning children in these cases: This Is What Divorce Feels Like For Your Child – How to children react to divorce.  “Every child needs to be reminded that they can count on both parents for stability, structure, and love, no matter what … Read More

Same-Sex Dissolution of Marriage

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Some same-sex couples who got married prior to the June 26, 2015 Supreme Court decision, found that their state of residence didn’t recognize their marriage and so didn’t recognize their ability to get a divorce.  States that did recognize their marriages had residency requirements for divorce.  Those couples were “wedlocked,” or unable to get divorced.  The Supreme Court decision requiring … Read More

Meet Our Staff: Helena

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All summer we have had the pleasure of having a student from D.M. Therrell High School, Helena DeVone, interning with us. We met up with Helena in her office: Richardson Bloom & Lines LLC: How did you end up interning here this summer? Helena: At Therrell, we have a law program that I completed this year.  I’ve been part of … Read More

Same-Sex Prenups Are a Must

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For a general overview of prenuptial agreements, please see our previous articles, What are Prenuptial Agreements and Why Do Couples Get Them and FAQs about Prenups. Imagine a same-sex couple from Georgia who was together for fifteen years before marriage became legal in our state.  They had children together, bought a house together, and both took turns working and staying home to … Read More

Finances During and After Divorce

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Finances are one of the things that worry people the most during and after a divorce.  There have been numerous articles lately about managing finances after divorce.  Here are a few we thought were especially interesting or helpful. Financial Basics After Divorce – How to start managing your finances when you are on your own. Marriage is about love; divorce is … Read More

FAQs About Prenups

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For a general overview of prenuptial agreements, please see our previous article, What are Prenuptial Agreements and Why Do Couples Get Them. Can I wait until after marriage and do a post-nuptial agreement? We wish you wouldn’t.  Post-nuptial agreements are basically a prenuptial agreement that is entered into after the couple has married. While Georgia law technically recognizes both pre- and post-nuptial … Read More

What is a prenuptial agreement and why do couples get them?

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A prenuptial agreement (also known as an “antenuptial agreement,” “premarital agreement,” or, most commonly, a “prenup”) is a contract entered into by two people before they marry.  The contract of a prenuptial agreement in Atlanta sets forth the rights and responsibilities of each party in the event of a divorce.  It is easier to make those decisions when you are … Read More

Melody Richardson Honored for Law Day Work

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Attorney Melody Richardson Receives Award | Richardson, Bloom, & Lines

On May 19, 2015, our partner, Melody Z. Richardson, was honored with the Atlanta Bar Association’s Professionalism Award. The Professionalism Award is presented to an attorney who has made outstanding contributions to a program or activity which advances or promotes excellence, professionalism, and public responsibility within the legal profession. For the last four years, Melody worked with the students in … Read More