5 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Family Law Attorney to Advise You in Your Custody Dispute

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5 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Family Law Attorney

“You get what you pay for” may be a trite expression, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. As a result of the Great Recession, many folks who graduated from law school during that time were unable to find jobs. As a result, they started their own firms without the benefit of experience or mentors. You should not only hire … Read More

How to Create a Parenting Plan for the Holidays

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How to Create a Parenting Plan

If you do not yet have a parenting plan because you are still working your way through the process, now is the time to get a temporary parenting plan in place for the holidays. There are several ways to accomplish that goal before the holiday season is in full swing. Approach the Other Parent First, try to reach out to … Read More

Creating a Parenting Plan

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Atlanta Parenting Plan Attorneys | Richardson, Bloom, & Lines

In any family law case where the court will decide custody, parents must file a Parenting Plan. This plan specifically sets out how parents will share time with their children after divorce or separation. Parenting plans are important because they eliminate any need for the parents to argue over where the children should be and who will be able to … Read More

How to Win a Custody Battle

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Richardson, Bloom, & Line | Atlanta, GA Custody Law Attorneys

Divorce is never fun; add a contested custody issue, and you may find your stress and anxiety levels soaring. How can you calm your nerves and ensure the custody arrangement that you want? The attorneys at Richardson Bloom & Lines suggest the following 10 tips: 1. Be a cooperative co-parent. You must be able and willing to communicate with your … Read More

Sibling Decisions: Will Georgia Courts Split Children Who Want to Live with Different Parents?

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Richardson, Bloom, & Lines | Atlanta, GA Child Support Lawyers

Divorce is tough on the whole family, but children can take it especially hard. For example, studies indicate that children will remember exactly where they were when their parents told them they were getting divorced. Studies also suggest that recalling that memory is painful for children. If that conversation is painful, imagine the turmoil your child would go through if … Read More

When Can a Child Choose Which Parent to Live With in Georgia?

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Atlanta Child Custody Lawyer

Contact Atlanta Child Custody Experts Richardson Bloom & Lines to review your situation Daniel Bloom – Member Dan is sought after for his expertise in child custody matters, and is considered one of Georgia State’s finest child custody attorneys. When advising his clients, he is always conscious of how the children are affected by a process over which they have … Read More

Children and Divorce: What the Research Tells Us

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By: Daniel A. Bloom and Rachel K. Miller Imagine this scenario: you are thinking about divorce, but do not want anyone to know yet. Your mind is flooded with questions. What do you do? Most people will do the same thing with their divorce concerns that they do with their medical concerns – Google It! While Google is a wonderful … Read More

Types of Child Custody in Georgia

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Child custody is an emotionally charged issue. Most parents want to be a large part of their child’s life post-divorce, and feel that retaining custody of the child is an integral piece. Many parents assume that there is only one type of child custody, but, in Georgia, there are two distinct types of custody: legal and physical custody. Both types … Read More