Thinking about Divorce? Here are 10 things NOT to do!

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1. Do not focus on the “right time” to get divorced. There is no perfect time to make that decision, and there are many factors to consider.  Prior to making any decision, you should consult an experienced family law attorney so that you will be prepared to move forward when you are ready. 2. Do not try to go through … Read More

Two Final Secrets to Manage Your Attorneys’ Fees During a Divorce

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Divorce is an extremely trying time for the parties involved. Divorce is stressful and painful, even if you are the spouse that wanted to end the marriage. Not surprisingly then, resolving all the issues is not easy either. The divorce process is called a process for a reason. It is like grieving—you must go through the stages. How do you … Read More

Six Questions Most People Ask About Co-Parenting After Divorce

Rachel K. Miller, Esq.Divorce

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The divorce is final.  You are no longer husband and wife.  Is your relationship finished?  If you have children, absolutely not!  You and your former spouse will be connected for the rest of your lives.  Your relationship will continue indefinitely.  One of the most difficult tasks that divorced couples are expected to do is co-parent.  You are hurt, angry, and … Read More

Same-Sex Dissolution of Marriage

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Some same-sex couples who got married prior to the June 26, 2015 Supreme Court decision, found that their state of residence didn’t recognize their marriage and so didn’t recognize their ability to get a divorce.  States that did recognize their marriages had residency requirements for divorce.  Those couples were “wedlocked,” or unable to get divorced.  The Supreme Court decision requiring … Read More

Finances During and After Divorce

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Finances are one of the things that worry people the most during and after a divorce.  There have been numerous articles lately about managing finances after divorce.  Here are a few we thought were especially interesting or helpful. Financial Basics After Divorce – How to start managing your finances when you are on your own. Marriage is about love; divorce is … Read More