“I’ve never done this before”: How to Get Through the Initial Consultation and Come Out Smarter and Well Prepared to Move Forward

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You have been thinking about divorce for a long time. You have confided in your best friend that you are unhappy. You’ve spoken to your therapist about your concerns. Finally, you have screwed up the courage to make an appointment with a family law attorney to discuss how to end your marriage. And you are terrified. It has suddenly become … Read More

10 Secrets to Manage Your Attorney’s Fees During a Divorce

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One of the many unpleasant aspects of a divorce is the attorney’s fees. Many people spend more on their divorce than they did for their wedding. The secret is that you have more control to manage the attorney’s fees than you realize. Here are the top 10 ways to keep your attorney’s fees under control. ENTER A RETAINER AGREEMENT WITH … Read More

When Can a Child Choose Which Parent to Live With in Georgia?

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Atlanta Child Custody Lawyer

Contact Atlanta Child Custody Experts Richardson Bloom & Lines to review your situation Daniel Bloom – Member Dan is sought after for his expertise in child custody matters, and is considered one of Georgia State’s finest child custody attorneys. When advising his clients, he is always conscious of how the children are affected by a process over which they have … Read More

FAQs About Prenups

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For a general overview of prenuptial agreements, please see our previous article, What are Prenuptial Agreements and Why Do Couples Get Them. Can I wait until after marriage and do a post-nuptial agreement? We wish you wouldn’t.  Post-nuptial agreements are basically a prenuptial agreement that is entered into after the couple has married. While Georgia law technically recognizes both pre- and post-nuptial … Read More