Children in Family Law Cases

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children in family law news

Divorce and custody disputes can be hard on children.  The following articles discuss a wide range of issues concerning children in these cases:

This Is What Divorce Feels Like For Your Child – How to children react to divorce.  “Every child needs to be reminded that they can count on both parents for stability, structure, and love, no matter what the relationship between his or her parents is.”

How to Make Divorce Less Stressful for Children – Tips from a family law attorney on how to make parental disputes less difficult for the kids.

5 Custody Mistakes that Hurt Your Child – A great list of things NOT to do during your divorce or custody case.

Divorce and Back to School – Thoughts on raising kids during and after divorce.

Attorney Writes Book to Help Kids Through Divorce – There are many ways to talk to kids about divorce.  This might be one of them.

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