Meet Our Staff: Helena

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All summer we have had the pleasure of having a student from D.M. Therrell High School, Helena DeVone, interning with us. We met up with Helena in her office:

Richardson Bloom & Lines LLC: How did you end up interning here this summer?

Helena (on the far right) with the whole Richardson Bloom & Lines team at a service day.

Helena (on the far right) with the whole Richardson Bloom & Lines team at a service day.

Helena: At Therrell, we have a law program that I completed this year.  I’ve been part of the program and law day since I was in the 9th grade which is how I met Melody Richardson [Managing Member of Richardson, Bloom & Lines Family Law]. I want to become a lawyer so I asked Melody if I could intern with her to see how a lawyer/law firm actually functions.  She thought it was a great idea and welcomed me aboard.

RBL: How do you like it so far?

H: I love it! Everyone in the office is fun to be around, and it has been very interesting.

RBL: How so?

H: I never gave family law that much thought before, but it can be quite entertaining. All the cases are different and you never know what types of clients or situations you are going to get.

RBL: What has surprised you the most?

H: Unlike mock trial, all the documents aren’t provided for you.  You have to gather information on your own and on your own time. Not to mention all the hearings, status conferences, and meetings that happen before you even go to trial. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes, like all the long hours the whole staff, not just the attorneys, puts in that not even the clients know about.

RBL: What do you do when you aren’t here or at school?

H: I’m an Usher’s New Look student.

RBL:  What’s that?

H:  Usher’s New Look was established in 1999 by Usher Raymond IV and his mother Johnetta Patten. New Look trains and certifies youth as local, national and international leaders. The organization is unique because it focuses on learning in four leadership areas, Talent, Education, Career, and Service, through a peer-to-peer training model. Youth like me develop critical thinking, communication and self-assessment skills that allow us to address the root of local issues plaguing our communities.

RBL:  What do you do with New Look?

H:  This year I will become a trainer.  I will be able to travel with the mentors and participate in power-by-service trips. I love Usher’s New Look because it not only allows me to have these amazing opportunities, but it gives me real mentors that only want the best for me.  And I get to communicate with other youth who share my same interests.

RBL: What do you want to do when you grow up?

H: I want to be an attorney.  I don’t know what I will specialize in yet, but working here has made me consider family law.

RBL: Thanks for all your help this summer!

H: Don’t worry; I’ll be back!