Remembering Andy Pachman

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Andy Pachman

It was a difficult decision to change the name of our firm from Pachman Richardson, LLC to Richardson Bloom & Lines LLC on January 1, 2015. While divorce and death are not the same, they both require a period of grieving and moving toward accepting change. We thought it was important to practice what we preach, as one of our important functions as counselors at law is to help our clients believe that they can move forward in a happy and healthy way. Life is different, and while sad in some respects, we can appreciate what we learned from Andy and what we learned about ourselves in the aftermath of his death at far too young of an age.

Andy died on March 9, 2013, and the second anniversary of his death, coupled with the name change of our firm, was a bittersweet occasion that gave us all pause and a time to reflect on what Andy meant to us. We all learned so much from Andy, and his legacy remains a part of the firm he founded, despite the absence of his name on the door. Our walls are still adorned with his photographs and his award plaques, just as we hope that the children’s rooms of our clients remain adorned with photographs of the parent who no longer lives in that home.

We have learned to celebrate our memories of Andy. While we still mourn his loss, the pain has subsided somewhat. Nonetheless, we allow ourselves to feel sad when we look upon his smiling face and re-read the eulogies given at his celebration of life memorial service. We hope too that our clients will eventually be able to make peace with events that may have been beyond their control and not what they wanted.

The new name for the same firm founded by Andy and Melody is not so much a new beginning as an acknowledgement that we can survive change and grow from the experience. We hope that our clients will take this to heart during one of the most difficult transition periods of their lives, and find a way to continue to be great parents and strive for what is best for their families.