Top Five Reasons We Love Mediation

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Each of the partners at Richardson Bloom & Lines LLC enjoys taking a break from our busy litigation practices to help people resolve their cases in mediation. Melody, Dan, and Kyla have helped countless couples and their counsel reach agreements by acting as the mediator.

Here are the top five reasons we love to mediate:

  1. By acting as neutrals, we can use our extensive family law experience to work toward the mutual good of both parties.
  2. At RBL Family Law, we practice only family law, so we rely on our extensive experience to help the parties and their attorneys come up with creative solutions.
  3. Both parties will feel heard and respected because we are excellent listeners. That helps settle the case, thus preventing the bloodbath that is a trial.
  4. The time, cost, acrimony, and uncertainty involved in a trial is the antithesis of what is necessary to build a more harmonious relationship for the sake of your children. We appreciate it when the couple leaves mediation happier than when they arrived.
  5. When we help parties come to an agreement on the disputed issues, we achieve a tremendous sense of satisfaction because we relish using our creative skills.

It is exactly because our attorneys are experienced litigators that we know how to help you settle your case without the insecurity, stress, and expense of a trial. It makes sense to have a say in a decision that you must live with the rest of your life, rather than letting a perfect stranger (the judge) make it for you.

If you’d like to talk to us more about how we can help mediate your case, please contact us.

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