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    Does anyone other than you or the other parent have any claim with respect to your children for custody, visitation, guardianship or for any other reason?
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    Health Information:
    Are you, your spouse, or any of your children currently receiving any medical or psychological treament?    
    If yes, please specify who is receiving treatment, who provides the service and what medication or treatments received:
    Who provides health insurance for the family?    
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    Has your spouse consulted an attorney regarding this matter as far as you know?    
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    Do you have a will?    
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    Who are the benficiaries of your will?
    Name of your accountant:
    Are there bank accounts, lines of credit, stock and investment accounts or other accounts to which your spouse has access?    
    If yes, please specify:
    Does your spouse have in his or her possession credit cards for which you are responsible?    
    Have you signed anything which may affect the case, including prenuptial or postnuptial agreements, or other documents presented by your spouse?    
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    Have you or your spouse sold any real estate property in the last five years?    
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